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Mission Statement

The Law Offices of Barry Silberzweig, P.C. is committed to excellence in providing high quality and efficient legal services at very reasonable prices. We employ strict ethical procedures in offering our clients the very best advice regarding their unique individual situations. Our firm works to constantly develop legal strategies to maximize client opportunities in view of rapidly changing immigration laws and international events.
One of the great strengths of the United States lies in the diversity of our people and the contributions of hard-working immigrants. At the Law Offices of Barry Silberzweig, P.C., we believe that immigrants have provided a key to our country’s strength, vibrancy, and continued growth. Our diverse team of attorneys, paralegals and legal experts understands the importance of helping clients with their immigration issues and working to expand opportunities for a wide variety of immigrants. We take pride in preparing and submitting cases in an expedient and effective manner. Our team is always prepared to answer all client questions effectively and expeditiously, in a multitude of foreign languages.
The Law Offices of Barry Silberzweig, P.C. is available to assist employers and individual applicants with all types of immigration applications, including temporary visas, Green Card applications, citizenship applications, and deportation matters for individuals and corporate clients. If you would like to commence an immigration case or if you have questions regarding immigration matters, please contact our firm.